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Update Now 2020!

About Update Now

Update Now provides access to unique content to all developers who are interested in the .NET, cloud, or security topics. The main objective of the portal is to provide live-streamed sessions from ongoing conferences and community events, as well as to publish recordings of past conferences.

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Watch the live streamed sessions of the Update Now 2020 conference in two parallel tracks. Don’t worry if you come late to any session – you can seek in the stream, and you’ll have access to all the session recordings after the conference.

How to watch a conference

To watch the live-stream from the Update Now 2020 conference, you first need to purchase tickets on the conference website .
Then, you will be able to watch the live stream through the Update Now portal.

Step 1

Login / Register

To enter the Update Now portal, you first need to register. You can use your e-mail, or your Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Twitter account.

Step 2

Enter your activation code

To get access to the conference content, you will need to insert an activation code for the conference. We will send you the code via e-mail in the week prior to the conference.

Step 3

Enjoy the conference

After the activation, wait for Monday, November 23, 2020. You will be able to access all conference content through the Watch Now and Discussions sections.

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